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Epic War 5 Epic War 5

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad. But could be better.

You get a 3/5 or 6-7/10 from me. I am a big fan of the epic war series. It kept getting better through 4 which is absolutely epic and still the best in my view. This was kinda cool, but to be honest it doesn't measure up and it seemed a bit rushed in some areas. It had many high points, a lot going for it, and still wasn't that bad a game. It's just for epic war it's a disappointment because you set the bar so high. So I'll mix in a bit of what you did well with a few steps of constructive criticism so you can make epic war 6 (whenever you do that) to be the greatest game ever.

Here are the areas you can fix a few things:

1. Titan Variety Great But Some Problems

I love the vast selection of titans, and it was great to have 2 Golems and Lamia(s) out at once. However, some shoulda had 2 or 3 and didn't. Lamia and Phoenix were almost useless at their current max. Golem might have used 3 but that's debatable. Also Iron fortress was great but too slow to be very practical (even for titan) and the flaming chariot didn't help. Black Dragon and Lord of Hel were just a bit too slow attacking. But overall I honestly loved the variety and choices of titans.

The biggest problem was that with the exception of Trial 1 (in which titans were actually a detriment) you could get to the point where you could just spam 6 titans, wait for them to spawn then charge (all at once minus hero), and spam regen spells with Queen Ertheriea. You have never gotten the balance of titans right. You should make it so that on harder levels you need two or three, but at the same time any more then that would be ineffective and result in a loss.

2. What Happened To Three Heroes In A Battle?

The heroes were great, for the few of them you had. But you didn't have enough, and you completely did away with what I thought was revolutionary in epic war 4 by choosing 3 heroes to take to battle. It was perfect, and you made it so we NEEDED to use the heroes (all 3) and it wasn't too easy as a result.

But now not only do we get just 1, but we can't use them past normal levels because they die too quickly and then we lose. (Missed the castle there btw) We have to leave them back behind our troops. It wouldn't be so bad if you did it like in 4. And each hero got to take 2 units each which added up to 6. That was a bit small but 3 units per hero to add up to 9 would be perfect.

3. Additional Minion/Formation Issues.

The variety of regular minions and the one's you had were great. I love how the female units (besides Lamia which is lame) always own the most. It could even be expanded upon just a bit (like the tiger warrior thing from 4) but minor details. But, 6 spaces is not enough to effectively use this great variety of units, or to balance out the needed range units, the frontal attack/tanking units, and the titans together. I believe 9 would be the magic number for that.

Also the max numbers were nerfed for some units, particularly on some of the range units which would otherwise be very effective like wizard. I love the natural elemental abilities with creatures such as succubus and witch, but the numbers (need 5 not 3) are too low. Minions like goblins were pointless because you couldn't have enough, like 35 at one point becomes 16 here. Gorilla was maxed out at 5 but used to be (another name) maxed out at 6.

Maybe improve a little more on the selection, but please just fix some of the max numbers and add 9 slots first. Do that and you'll be good.

4. Levels Need Revamping.

Some really cool ideas are taken away from because the order of level and difficulty doesn't correspond, it never get hard enough, needs more variety, and there weren't enough of them. For example, the trial level difficulty is backwards. I found 5 was easiest, then 4, 3, 2, with 1 being really hard. Also, the need for different strategy for varying levels from 4 is gone with the exception of Trial 1 (which was great in that respect as it's the only level in the game that you can't just spam random titans).

Please just fix these things and you'll have a great game. Good luck!

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Spectromancer: Gamer Pack Spectromancer: Gamer Pack

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good but I'd fix a few things for next time

1. Some of the cards don't make sense as to which category they are in such as Hydra being in earth and not water. Minor though.

2. Some of the four elements are too weak or strong in comparison. Earth is overpowered compared to other elements. While fire was easy to get points for, there didn't seem like all that much to spend it on unless you went chronomancer and used those extra points to cast spells in your extra turns. Water is underpowered with not a single really good monster combat wise and was the hardest to get points for. Air seems a bit limited as well.

3. I found that certain sub-elements (for lack of a better term) such as ice cards under water and lightning cards under air (both of which could be elements in themselves) were not numerous enough. I don't mind molding everything except the specialist column to just 4 elements, but I need more within that. This is especially true with ice as I can only recall two monsters and zero spells. At least lightning had a wall, possibly a titan (I couldn't tell if that was lightning or not), and a few spells. It's cool to add those in there, we just need a larger selection of them to choose from.

4. It's great how each class has different strengths and weaknesses, but the classes aren't balanced enough. Some like mad hermit and beast master were crazy good. Some like chaotic and dominater were underpowered compared to the rest. Sorcery was good but didn't have a single creature and was therefore literally all spells. By far the most overpowering was chronomancer though. Summon a chrono engine and you will most likely win. Summon two and it's practically a guarantee and they only cost 7. It'd be no fun if you nerfed the classes (especially my chrono XD), so my advice is to just bring them all up to the same level. You also may want to add a few classes, although it's hardly needed as there is already plenty of choices and variation.

5. You need a bigger selection of cards. And when adding to that selection, I would do in a way that keeps points 1-4 that I made in mind.

6. This point isn't needed, I just though it might be cool to add a separate place for spells, rather then mixing them in with monsters. That way we could have four monsters per column and a couple or even a few spells as well. Keep in mind that when adding a bigger selection, there may need to be more room for players to choose a bit more to take with them into the duel.

This is a good game, and has the potential to become something really great as it is already one of the better card games have played online. This isn't my game, so in the end it's up to you what to do with it. But I hope you take at least most of my advice. I give you 4/5 and 7 out of ten, because it's better than a 6, but just not quite an 8 in my view. Keep in mind that I'm a harsh grader who doesn't put tens on everything I kind of like or better so a 7 is really good from me.

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Infestor Infestor

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


It's well designed and has a nice presentation, but it's just too easy. I began to get bored after the third human you can posess was introduced. All the levels are just more of the same.

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The I of It The I of It

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well, I'm convinced...

This is the most terrifying thing ever...

zOMGies 2 zOMGies 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This game is like inception. A dream within a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream MAYBE within a dream. it's pretty fun though. nice weapons and variety of zombies. Good job with the sound too!

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Killego Killego

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Must have taken a lot of work

This is more of an interactive art piece than a game. Very fun to play through although it is very easy